Welcome to Valens

Valens International is a European manufacturer of functional ingredients and dietary supplements. Through our many creative solutions with science-backed health claims we support local and global companies with innovative ingredients and help our partners to launch new functional products – from ideas to solutions.

The company employs highly educated and experienced people with a scientific background and operates production sites and service centers in five countries. We have established excellent collaboration with academic and research institutions to exceed the expectations of our partners.

Our best-selling ingredient is Q10Vital®, water-soluble form of Coenzyme Q10 with clinically proven superior bioavailability. Q10Vital has been used in many foods and beverages as well as in various formulations of food supplements.

Valens newest development achievement is Valechol® – functional ingredient rich in barley beta-glucans with EFSA approved health claim for lowering cholesterol and heart health. Valechol® is especially popular in breakfast cereals, energy bars, bread, pasta, cookies and other farinaceous products, as well as in instant drinks or similar powder formulations.

Apart from functional ingredients and our wide range of basic ingredients such as vitamins, minerals and some premixes we also offer contract manufacturing services to customers in food supplement business. We can offer a distribution of products under Valens brand or any private label.

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