Slim&Fit – Effective combination for fat burning

Slim&Fit weight managementEvery successful product must respond to modern consumer needs – health, pleasure and beauty. Slim&Fit® is an ingredient for enriching food, drinks and food supplements which contribute to better metabolism of fats and help maintaining healthy weight.

Slim&Fit® is a very popular patented combination of substances for weight management. Valens has developed innovative mixture of substances working in synergy and thus support the transportation of fats into mitochondria and burning of fats into cellular energy.

Proven efficiency

The components of Slim&Fit® enable and stimulate the oxidation of fatty acids. A greater loss in body weight of obese people and lower blood pressure have been observed after oral application, especially in combination with exercise and a proper diet. Additionally increased muscle deposition and reduced fat accretion have also been demonstrated (see Figure).



Figure: Lower mean body weight has been observed after 30 days of regularly consuming a drink fortified with Slim&Fit® components.





Overweight and obesity are very common and represent a global health issue. While Slim&Fit® is not meant to treat obesity, the above mentioned studies show that it can contribute to optimal fat oxidation and support the achieving of a healthier body weight, along with an appropriate diet and recreation. Slim&Fit® can therefore be very helpful in various weight management programs.

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