Valechol – Rich source of Barley Betaglucan

Managing cholesterol level is one of the most important factors to prevent cardiovascular diseases. Valens has developed a special natural method to extract concentrated source of barley betaglucan called Valechol®, which clinically proven lowers cholesterol level, supports heart health, improves gut health and lowers glycemic response. Valechol® is most suitable for bakery and farinaceous products, breakfast cereals, pasta and energy bars, as well as in powder drinks or other pharmaceutical formulations.

valecholValechol® is a concentrated source of beta-glucan, a water-soluble dietary fibers from barley grains. With innovative and patented technology we have created a superior source of barley beta-glucan to improve human nutrition and deliver numerous health benefits. The excellent biological activity of Valechol® is achieved by a state-of-the art manufacturing procedure without the use of any chemicals or enzymes. The ingredient has scientifically proven beneficial effects on human health: beside its effects in cholesterol management and its contribution to lowering the glycemic response, Valechol® is also known for improving gut health.

EFSA approved health claims

Based on scientific evidence of the highest possible standard, Valens received positive opinions from the European Food and Safety Authority (EFSA) for the following health claims:

  • Heart health
  • Lowering cholesterol* 
  • High in fibers
  • Gut health

*Clinical trials show that the inclusion of 3 g of barley beta-glucan per day in the human diet reduces both total and LDL cholesterol levels by up to 17%.

Recommended use

Valechol® enables simple creation of tasty functional foods with beneficial health effects. By enabling a superior texture in every bite and by also being stable at the high temperatures used in baking, Valechol® is the no. 1 ingredient for the production of foods with an improved nutritional and health value. It is critically important for the food industry that Valechol® is a natural non-GMO functional ingredient which is simple to use in different products. Being available in various forms, it can be incorporated into several different products, such as:

Valechol barley beta glucan muesli

  • breakfast cereals, extruded flakes and crisps
  • pasta and similar farinaceous foods
  • fruit and protein bars
  • toasts, bread and other bakery products
  • powder (instant) drinks
  • food supplements (tablets, capsules)