Valens dietary supplements

Valens patented ingredients are very easy to use in manufacturing of nutritional and dietary supplements. Lead by the superior quality and positive consumer experience we have developed several products under Valens brand name. We chose quality over quantity and focus on a small range of products, concerning heart health, energy, anti-aging, fat burning, immune system for children and adults and bone health. Valens dietary supplements have been present in the market for 7 years and are available in pharmacies and specialized health shops.

Our food supplements range:

Quvital Q10 sprayQuvital

Quvital represents a wide range of products with water-soluble Coenzyme Q10, available in capsules, syrups and oral spray form – in different concentrations. Quvital capsules are made from cellulose and are suitable for vegetarians, while Quvital syrup is more appropriate for those who have difficulties swallowing hard pharmaceutical forms. Quvital oral spray is most popular with active people who want their daily shot of energy “on the go”.


Imunofit Junior syrupImunofit range was developed to support the immune system of children and adults. While adult formula in Imunofit tablets contains betaglucans from yeast in combination with Coenzyme Q10 and vitamin D, syrup Imunofit Junior for children contains betaglucans, vitamin C, zinc and vitamin D for additional support of cognitive functions and bone health. Imunofit Junior syrup is especially known for its excellent apple taste therefore it is very popular with children.

Vitamin D+

Vitamin D oral sprayValens Vitamin D+ in oral spray combines unique mixture of excellent pepermint taste with natural source of Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2, key vitamins for bone and teeth health. Vitamin D+ spray got 2015 Innovation award from Slovene Nutrition Institute. It is available in various forms, also for babies and kids with excellent strawberry or cherry taste, from 400 IU and up.


Valens food supplements are currently sold in Slovenia, Greece, United Arab Emirates and Indonesia. If you are interested in distribution of Valens products in your country, please contact us for more details.

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